Working for improved cities and communities

HTA endeavor is to make positive contribution by working on initiatives that promote decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, quality education, and sustainable cities and communities.

We collaborate responsibly when needed with local governments, regulatory agencies, industry and NGOs to design and deploy realistic solutions to address some of pressing social, economic and environmental challenges. We are also member of United Nation Global Compact.

Similarly, we synergize with our partner social enterprises having business goals aligned with the sustainable goals.Our Synergy

Examples of some sustainability solutions we provide

    • Safe drinking water: Set up and manage water filtration plants in areas where safe drinking water is not accessible
    • Rehab Institutions: Launch a fully-eqlipped, affordable Rehab Institution that increases the capacity to recover the affectees of substance usage, trafficking and violence, and make them economically viable
    • Bilateral & multilateral manpower programs: Collaborate with international organizations to boost technical exchange, job placements, skill training, BPO, cultural awareness, labor migration readiness and related areas.
    • Developing blue collar workers: Deploy a ready-made operational model in form of social enterprise combined with technology platform to induct skilled workers, document them, train and provide them jobs.
    • Women & youth Economic Zones: Launch multi-storied facilities designed to provide women, children and young adults from marginalized areas to seek emergency shelter. Most importantly, the Zone provides opportunity for women and youth to become economically active by learning employability skills and receiving job opportunities.
    • Made in Pakistan platform: White-label a B2B e-commerce platform with intelligent modules to improve visibility, outreach and sales of Pakistani products and services in global markets.
    • Technology Park: Launch multi-purpose Technology Park(s) to promote growth of ICT industry in Pakistan. This Technology Park to play a key role in boosting inter-country programs (between Pakistan & other countries) on skill development & employment growth.
    • Community Engagement Workshops: Workshops designed to initiate a bottom-up dialogue to ensure that development projects meet the need of communities and encourage blilding local ownership of the projects.
    • Gender Training: Interactive training designed to strengthen the readiness of workplaces and organizations to understand vulnerabilities against women and on protection against harassment of women at the Workplace Act, 2010 (the Act).