Developed KW&SB Online Tanker System


Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB)


Software development


software, mobile app, Android, cloud


The scarcity of water through main pipelines in city of Karachi has increased the dependency of the consumer on Water Tanker Services. Thus, there is the need of an automated tanker management system. Online Tanker System (OTS) by KW&SB addresses this need. The purpose of the OTS is to ensure fair distribution of water to the consumers, based on the area-wise quota decided by the authorities.

Developing the OTS platform for KW&SB

KW&SB engaged HTA to revamp their existing OTS application and operations. For this, HTA re-developed the OTS technology platform from scratch. The OTS offers extended facilities to residents of Karachi for registering request for water tanker services through Call Center and mobile app.


Full lifecycle support

HTA redesigned, developed and deployed the entire OTS technology platform for KW&SB and provides tech support

Mobile app

Android and IOS mobile apps in addition to web-based option


50,000+ downloads in span of one year of the Android app being available on Play store

Call Center

HTA also launched call center for KW&SB to facilitate consumers in submitting water tanker requests as an additional option to mobile app