Safe Drinking Water for Winder


Winder, Baluchistan (Beneficiary)


Installation of RO Water Filtration Plant


reverse osmosis, safe drinking water


More than 60% of Baluchistan is deprived of safe drinking water and more than 50% of its land is uncultivable due to water scarcity. The situation in Baluchistan is quite dire. Gross negligence and half-hearted attempts to stem the rot have led to a crisis situation according to an article published in Daily Times.

HTA Safe Drinking Water Project at Winder, Baluchistan

In 2010, HTA installed a water filtration plant (Reverse Osmosis) to provide access to safe drinking water in area of Winder, Baluchistan. This was executed as a corporate social responsibility initiative by Chairman Syed Tanweer Mohammad and CEO Syed Hasnain Mazher of HTA.  The plant was inaugurated by Baluchistan Chief Minister Shahbaz Jam Kamal. 

It is interesting to learn that nearly 17% of drinking water in Perth, Australia comes from a reverse osmosis plant that desalinates sea water. Those regions are an ideal candidate for reverse osmosis plants that are relatively dry and has arid climate where conventional freshwater resources are scarce, yet it is surrounded by ocean


RO water filtration

Reverse osmosis is a common process to purify or desalinate contaminated water by forcing water through a membrane.


The plant was fully installed and maintained by HTA for few years.

Plant capacity

On average, the water plant at Winder filtered more than 7,000 gallons of water per day.

Common challenge

One of the challenges for these plants is to find ways to reduce energy consumption, use sustainable energy sources.