Manage Manpower for Daraz




Recruitment & BPO


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D, owned by international e-commerce giant Alibaba, is Pakistan’s largest online marketplace. It has more than 60 offices, shops and warehouses; and a workforce of roughly 12,000 people across Pakistan.

HTA engaged as third party to manage Daraz manpower

Considering the size of their nationwide business operation and manpower strength, it is critical for Daraz to maintain compliance with industrial relations and other employment related legislations to avoid penalties, fees or legal action over disputes related to EOBI, SESSI, employee termination and the like, especially when it comes to non-operational staff like riders, delivery heroes, packers and similar.

Daraz engaged HTA in 2021 to help in bulk recruitment and to manage their operational and non-operational staff that got recruited and on boarded by HTA on behalf of Daraz.


300 hired

800 persons were interviewed out of which 300 were hired for Daraz by HTA

60+ positions

300 persons for 60+ job positions have been hired and are being managed by HTA – riders, loaders, packers, IT, accounts, HR, quality control etc.

Services provided

Recruitment process outsourcing, fully-managed payroll, industrial relations outsourcing

Reduced risk

This is helping Daraz to manage their employee turnover, and reduce penalties and disputes related to payroll, EOBI, SESSI and employment termination